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Has Finding Future Work Become Difficult?

  • Are your customers frustrated at slow responses to bid requests?
  • Does plan review take you away from higher level tasks?
  • Need to hire a project manager but can’t afford it?
  • Are you wasting time looking at the wrong projects?
  • Have you lost good jobs because the bid date passed you by?
  • Do you spend nights and weekends reviewing plans?


The Difference with Bidscrub

We understand how difficult it is to run a subcontracting company while also managing the bid review process. Bidscrub has helped companies, like yours, take control of how they handle their bid reviews, so they can get back to doing the work.

Bidscrub takes your construction documents and condenses them, giving you the details that matter, so you can decide if the project makes sense with your schedule and style of work. We turn large documents into a few highlighted pages showing you the project’s scope including highlighted details and a brief takeoff to help you understand the size of the job. Our bidscurb cover page also includes detailed information about bonding, project manager notes, and project contacts.

How it Works


Forward Project Email

We will take it from here so you can get back to what you were doing…


Review Bidscrub

We will send you a Bidscrub within 1 to 2 business days so you can review the project in 30 seconds or less.


Bid the Right Work

Now that you can efficiently review all of your bid invites, start bidding the work that fits your team

What Are People Saying About Bidscrub?

"Our business model is to pursue a diamond in the rough. If you ever take your eye off the ball because you have more pressing needs that day, you could miss potentially the biggest project you've ever had an opportunity to bid on."

Adam Fink

Owner of Elevated Paver Systems

"I've got a nine month old son at home and like to see him. Bidscrub has been incredibly useful for me just being able to buy back time with my family and spend a lot less time actually going through documents and bidding work."

Tyler Kauk

Black Iron Welding

Find Better Opportunities. Get Ahead of the Competition.
Save Time & Money.

What Is a Bidscrub?

A Bidscrub turns project review from a 30+ minute task to a 30 second page turn!


How much is project review really costing you? Do you have frustrated customers, unrefined processes, a stack of overdue bid requests?

With Bidscrub you can feel confident that you will never again miss that perfect job because it was at the bottom of the stack. Let us help you get back to focusing on what your company needs most.


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Built for large teams and teams looking to grow without hiring a dedicated person for plan review

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